Studio Tomou

Grow App is Mosaic Groups' the first foray in AI-lead apps; leading the way for other lifestyle enhancing projects.

Using artifical intelligence for good: personalized veggie growing guides

Grow started off as a project to investigate two things: the feasibility of AI lead products in Mosaic Groups tech stack and the ability to grow a brand from nothing. My role was to create the brand, UI/UX and G2M strategy - as well as working alongside devs and the AI team to create the final product.

Product Design Director

Thomas Cranstoun

Product Director

Michael Eades


Alice Williams, Sandra Zaidova, Laila Grainawi, Emily Cheng

Establishing the brand
Unlike other Apps in the Mosaic Group tech stack, Grow was brand new. So special attention was needed as to how the brand was presented. Relying on my design brackground, the team came up with a solid direction that helped set the app apart.